Sonia Richards
Advanced Practitioner & Trainer
Integral Eye Movement Therapy
Creating change in the blink of an eye

IEMT Therapeutic Work

“Change in the Blink of an Eye”

This innovative, rapid and highly effective therapy creates positive change at the neurological level. Sessions involve teaching clients to maintain their own change longterm.

Emotional and Identity based issues are equally resolved with IEMT. Dealing with challenging personal or business relationships can also be helped with IEMT.

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IEMT Training

“Innovative, Rapid and Fun”

Sonia is International Chair of the Association for IEMT Practitioners and trains the Practitioner Level and Advanced Practitioner Courses in the UK and abroad.

Everyone can benefit from learning IEMT and applying it daily to help life run more smoothly. The training teaches skills for life.

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Metaphors of Movement

“Taking the Steps to Change"

A highly constructive and creative modality where Practitioner and Client engage to develop new pathways for change.

Our metaphorical language gives clues as to the true nature of internal issues and also to ways of resolving them. This work takes you on a voyage of discovery and understanding into creating positive movement for many of life’s situations.

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Sonia Richards

“The Tool is Not the Skill”

Advanced Practitioner and Trainer. First Chair of the Association for IEMT Practitioners, appointed by Andrew T. Austin.

A highly experienced and skilled Therapist and Trainer working in the UK and Internationally. An award winning Biomedical Scientist, plus a singer and performer, she draws on her knowledge and experience for lively, enjoyable sessions.

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