Sonia Richards
Advanced Practitioner & Trainer
Integral Eye Movement Therapy
Creating change in the blink of an eye

About Metaphors of Movement

“Taking the Steps to Change”

Metaphors of Movement (MoM) is a precision set of tools to help take the guess work out of therapy for both the Practitioner and the Client. It navigates the person who is “stuck” in a situation, problem or unhelpful set of beliefs, away in the direction that is right for them.

MoM is minimally intrusive and stay’s outside of “the story” and gives both Practitioner and Client plenty of room for creative engagement. The level of ‘directing’ the momentum and mode of change.

Metaphors of Movement incredibly empowering and effective for the client. Once past the initial work of unearthing their metaphors and directing them, clients awaken to their own beliefs, metaphors and stuck points, which triggers a series of rapid, self induced results.

The Metaphors of Movement models can be applied to both individual and corporate/organisation levels.

Metaphors of Movement Training

The skill set for trainees of the MoM model is not about staying out of the client’s metaphors in order to avoid contamination; in fact it is almost the exact opposite.

The therapist gets involved, gives direct suggestions and helps to the client’s usual explore their metaphor, focusing on changing and developing the client’s response set (coping behaviours) to the metaphor.

MoM demands a high degree of creativity, humour, rapport, lateral thinking, and of course sensitivity to the client’s response to all of these. These key skills are essential elements in MoM training.

This work is a generative change process created by direct intervention.

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